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By: Farhankhan Daya
Published: 23 January 2016
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Food: Cane's Chicken As you can see from the title, we're not entirely sure which topic will be covered in our upcoming meeting. We are attempting to get the first topic "Freezing Ram" prepared in time, but if we fail we will fall back to "Kali, Focused Overview".

Freezing Ram:

We'll literally be freezing the ram of a computer (and stealing that "frozen" data)!

Kali, Focused Overview:

We'll go over some of the more commonly used tools in Kali Linux with some degree of depth. This will mostly be an introductory overview of these tools. The Social Engineering Toolkit will be covered during our Social Engineering Meeting in a couple weeks.
By: Christian Dinh
Published: 05 October 2015
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Thanks to everyone who came out last Thursday for general meeting #2! As promised, here are the slides from last week's presentation. We'll be back again next week, stay tuned for more information about our next presentation.

Presentation Slides

By: Christian Dinh
Published: 30 September 2015
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When: Thu Oct 1, 6:00p

Free food!

Hey folks, we're back this week with another presentation. I'll be going over some computer virus fundamentals, specifically:

How do viruses work?
How do antivirus programs work?
How do viruses circumvent antivirus software?

And hopefully I'll be able to do some kind of live demo if I can write a simple (harmless) virus in time. Oh, and free Cane's for the second week in a row. I'll leave you now with a link to the , and I hope to see you soon!
By: Christian Dinh
Published: 20 September 2015
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Many thanks to those of you who showed up for our first general meeting of the semester (there were a lot of you)! Here are the slides in PDF form from Nabeel and Farhan's presentation. Enjoy, and stay tuned for news regarding our next meeting.

Presentation Slides

By: Christian Dinh
Published: 14 September 2015
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When: Thu Sep 17, 6:00p

Free food!

A new semester has begun, and we are excited to welcome everyone (both old and new) to our first general meeting of fall 2015! We will be doing a wifi hacking demonstration (which happens to include a dictionary attack) and eating free food from Canes. As with all of our general meetings, no computer security knowledge is required - all you need is a desire to learn. Hope to see you all there!

Also, now seems like a good time to announce our updated officer roster. Congratulations to our new president Nabeel Virani!

Nabeel Virani - President
Christian Dinh - Vice President
Farhan Daya - Webmaster
Serjay Sambros - Corporate Representative
Kyle Duquesnay - Public Relations
Esther Liu - Secretary
Kevin Chi - Finance
Rahul Jain - SEC Representative
James Park - Media
Allen Wang - IT Chair
Cesar Rios - Member at Large

I'll still be filling in as webmaster until Farhan has an unbricked laptop. That's all I have for now. See you Thursday!

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